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The Amateur Radio Club of Parker County (ARCPC) is a non-profit educational and service organization chartered under the laws of the State of Texas.

ARCPC is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, a national association of Amateur Radio clubs.


The Amateur Radio Club of Parker County was originally envisioned by R.H. Michael, W5QGC and John L. Gray WB5QPC during the summer of 1983.

W5QGC, at his own expense, drafted and printed the constitution and by-laws of the association. The Constitution and By-Laws were signed on North Main Street at the place of Business of Charlie Byars, WB5AQI.

The first organizational meeting was held on June 28, 1983 in the Ham Shack of R. H. Michael. There were seventeen members present, of which thirteen were Charter Members, who after the charter and by-laws being read, unanimously voted to adopt the charter and by-laws as authored and ordered a copy distributed to each new member.

On July 11, 1989 the membership elected to incorporate under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act. The incorporation was finally completed on July 12, 1991 with the Secretary of State issuing Charter Number 0119940501. Bob Gill, Elizabeth Hunkele, Bob Park and Floyd May drafted the by-laws revision.

Since it's inception, the "Club" has grown to it's present membership. We participate in many civic activities and over the years Fort Worth has depended on us to give early warning of severe weather. It is a privilege to be an Amateur Radio Operator and we are proud to contribute what we can to it's furtherance.

Original Board of Directors

R.H. "Mike" Michael, W5QGC - President
Preston Lochart, KA5ESY - Vice-President
Bob Park, WB5MSH - Secretary-Treasurer
Z.C. "Jake" Jacobs, W5KIK - Director
J.L. "Red" Gray, WB5QPC -  Director

Charter Club Members

R.H. Michael W5QGC    *  
Bob Park WB5MSH *
Charles Byers WB5AQI   *  
John L. Gray WB5QPC  *  
B.P. Lockhart KA5ESY   * (changed to KE5LI)
Benny Horton     KD5GK   
R.L. Hawbaker WB5LAZ  *  
M.M. Spann W5IMF     *  
A.M. Armontrout KB5CC     *  
Bob Gill     WB5GGJ (changed to K5BG)
Dick Pickett N5FRG     *  
Pat Hartnett W5TJD     *  
Jim Bob Scott K5WQH   *  
Velon Eddins WB5FPI   *  
Ralph Ewing WB5WSN *  
Leo T.Martin W5TTR    *  
Z.C. Jacobs W5KIK    *  
* Silent Keys

'Silent Key' refers to an amateur radio operator who is deceased. The term can be abbreviated 'SK', especially in morse code. The key in the term refers to a telegraph key, the instrument that all early amateur radio operators, as well as many contemporary amateur radio operators, have used to send Morse code. The term SK, used in telegraphy to indicate an end of transmission, is therefore also used to refer to any amateur radio operator who is deceased, regardless of whether or not they were known to have used a telegraph key or Morse code in their two-way personal communications.

Past Club Presidents

R.H. "Mike" Michael W5QGC 1983-1985  
Dick Pickett N5FRG 1985-1986  
Glen Eastman WI5J 1986-1987  
Bob Park WB5MSH 1987-1989  
Bob Gill WD5F 1989-1991 (now K5BG)
Floyd May N5ORJ 1991-1993  
Allen Beadel N5WJZ 1993-1995 ( now KB5AB)
Dwaine Cannon WK5I 1995-1996 (now K5DC)
Steve Vineyard KJ5RV 1996-1997  
Allen Beadel N5WJZ 1997-1999 (now KB5AB)
Will Teague W5CX 1999-2001 (now W5KD)
Allen "Griff" Griffith N5AG 2001-2002  
Jerry Thompson K5JWT 2002-2004 (now W7JT)
Will Teague W5CX 2004-2005 (now W5KD)
James Adams AD5KG 2005-2006  
Jim Spaulding W0UO 2006-2008  
Al Warren WR5AW 2008-2010  
Ken Stout  KE5QBZ 2010-2011  (now K5KMS)
Tony Guess  N5NRU 2011-2013
Will Teague W5KD 2013-2014  
Joel Page KW5JP 2014-2015  
Jack Nixon, Jr. KG5BBV 2015-2016  
Thad Weikal KG5ATD 2016-2017  

From all the hams here at W5PC, a hearty 73!! (best wishes)



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